Grid-connected solar PV Systems on GoV Buildings

Category: Energy Efficiency

Masdar and MCCND have been engaged in negotiations concerning the development, building and commissioning of a 500 kW solar grid connected system (the “Plant”) and associated facilities at the project site located at the MCCND complex and the Parliament complex (the “Project”). The two proposed installed site will each gather for a 250 kWh system fed into their electricity system. Total funding is approximately 5 million USD over a maximum period of 2 years.

The solar PV technology used would be standard grid-connected systems (panels, inverters, balance of system components and grid-connection). Panels could be mono or poly-crystalline to minimise area required for maximum power output. This is a proven, mature technology with a good track record of reliable electricity production in the Pacific.

The grid-connected solar PV installed will either be used by the government building where it is installed or fed into the Port Vila grid. The electricity produced is expected to provide some additional income to the Government, offsetting their electricity costs and providing spare budget which can be used to provide better comfort for civil servants and better services to the public. The benefits from the solar electricity would thus be shared amongst stakeholders and not accrue only to one organisation. This component will directly address the target to reach 40% renewable energy electricity by 2015.

The solar electricity would be fed into the Port Vila grid and purchased by UNELCO under a power purchase agreement (PPA). As there is currently no legislation on feed-in-tariffs for renewable energy, the PPA would be negotiated directly between Government, through the PMO, and UNELCO

Donor UAE/Masdar
Funding 500,000,000VT
Stakeholders DoE, Clay Energy, Pacific Communications Solution, IT power, National Parliament, Ministry of Climate Change, and UNELCO
Officer Responsible Anthony L Garae
Period 01-Jan-15 to 01-Jan-16


Parliament House & Meteo Buillding, Port Vila, Vanuatu