Solar Powered Desalination Project II

Category: Off-Grid

During the 5th Pacific Leaders meeting (PALM 5) in Hokkaido Japan, the Pacific Island Leaders and the Government of Japan together launched the Pacific Environment Community Fund under the Hokkaido Declaration. Vanuatu is one of 14 PICs that has accessed USD4M issued by the PEC Fund which is administered at the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat.


PEC Fund is to help PICs tackle climate change issue with a focus on the provisions of solar powered generation systems and sea water desalination or a combination of both.


In 2014, Vanuatu established a 65KW Solar Powered 100 Tonne Desalination Plant on Ambae and a Diesel Powered 10 Tonne on Aniwa Island.

Donor Japan
Funding 400,000,000VT
Stakeholders Contractor- Hitachi Plant Technology, Japan. Implementing Agency- Department of Energy, Program Management Unit- Pacific Islands Forum & Country Focal Point- Department of Foreign Affairs
Officer Responsible Christopher Simelum
Period 01-Jan-13 to 31-Dec-16