Talise Micro Hydropower

Category: On-Grid

The preliminary survey for the development of a micro-hydro system at Talise River on Maewo Island, was conducted in 1998. In 2001 and 2002 feasibility studies were conducted by Appropriate Technology for Community And Environment (APACE).

GHD of Australia re-validated this report in 2010. The proposed system aligns with the implementation of the Government’s Policy which prioritises on electrification programs that contribute to improving the economic and social development of rural communities. This micro hydro system has an installed capacity of 75kW that is sufficient to supply electrical power to the villages of Talise, Narovorovo and Nasawa.


  • To promote the use of renewable energy
  • To increase electricity access to the people of Maewo


  • 3 villages of Talise, Narovorovo & Nasawa will have access to electricity
  • 294 households will be electrified
  • 11 school buildings will be electrified
  • 3 clinics will be electrified
  • 6 churches will be electrified
Donor IUCN
Funding 32,000,000VT
Stakeholders Department of Energy, IUCN and Communities of Talise, Narovorovo and Nasawa
Officer Responsible Anthony L Garae
Period 02-Jun-11 to 31-Aug-14


Maewo Island, Vanuatu