Category: On-Grid

The Government of Vanuatu proposes to make available, through local private utilities (UNELCO & VUI), a one-off subsidy to assist households to connect to the existing electricity grid concession areas in Port Vila, Tanna, Malekula and Luganville.

This project targets approximately 4,375 households within these areas that lack formal access to electricity (6,000 households that lack access to electricity entirely and a further 2,000 that have informal connections (e.g. shared with a neighbor)). In addition, funding will be available to provide basic household wiring, where household wiring does not meet standards or is not in place for the consumers.

Premises will be connected directly to existing distribution lines (typically located on the roadside) either above ground or below ground. Poles may be necessary to carry wires to some properties. This subsidy will be available for both post-paid and prepaid (where available) service connections.

The subsidy will cover 80% of the total connection costs and the remaining 20% will be paid by the beneficiary. The beneficiary will also be responsible for digging the trench from the meter box to the house. Should any permission is required from either a custom land owner or the landlord, this will be the responsibility of the beneficiary.


  • To increase sustainable access to formal grid-based electricity services within Vanuatu’s electricity concession areas (Port Vila, Tanna, Malekula & Luganville) for low income consumers through targeted subsidies
  • To assist eligible low income consumers to connect to the existing electricity grids in Port Vila, Tanna, Malekula and Luganville.


  • 4,375 household service connections and household wiring installed
  • Three months service delivery billed (for post-paid) and “billed” & consumed (for pre-paid).
Donor World Bank
Funding VT 551,008,500
Stakeholders Department of Energy, UNELCO, VUI and URA
Officer Responsible Anthony L Garae
Period 02-Jun-14 to 22-Oct-18


Port Vila, Luganville, Tanna and Malekula, Vanuatu