Established in 2018, the National Green Energy Fund is a national financing vehicle designed to assist the Government to achieve its National Energy Roadmap targets through both public and private investment in technology and infrastructure across Vanuatu.

The National Green Energy Fund aims to boost households and public institutions’ energy access, while also providing a pathway for local businesses and industries to invest in clean, climate - resilient energy that meets their economic needs, creating transformative opportunities for rural communities.

With the National Green Energy Fund established and functioning, Vanuatu is well positioned to deliver renewable energy access and achieve energy savings across key economic sector including water, agriculture, fisheries and tourism.

The National Green Energy Fund is helping to channel finance toward clean energy technologies and infrastructure on the remote islands.

 The operations and administration of the Fund is overseen by a Board that is represented by the Government and civil society and promotes gender inclusion to enable greater participation of women and other vulnerable groups in clean energy development in Vanuatu.

The National Green Energy Fund was established by the Government of Vanuatu with funding and technical support from the Global Green Growth Institute.