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Invitation to Hosting a Solar PV Mini-Grid System

Your community is invited to host a mini-grid system, sponsored by the Government of Vanuatu Department of Energy and by the World Bank (under Vanuatu Rural Electrification Project Stage II Component II).

This proposed mini-grid system will provide solar-powered electricity to a community.

The system needs space for its installation (see diagram). The electricity will be sold at a subsidised price.

We have two questions for your community to discuss and answer :

  • Would you be interested?
  • If your community is, which community site(s) for the solar photovoltaic arrays would you suggest?

Mini-Grid System Characteristics
  • Ground-mounted PV array
  • Underground main distribution line
  • Power house hosting battery bank, bio fuel generator and ancilliary equipment
  • Project site area 600 m2 to 1,200 m2

What is the Project Process?

An invitation letter for this Project has been sent in February 2020 to reach your community.

We invite you to join the meeting(s) that we will organise in March/April 2020 in your community to discuss the Project and share information: these will help you and your community's representatives share and gather views to answer the invitation.

Your community may decide not to host the mini-grid system.

Your community may decide it would be interested in hosting the mini-grid. In that case, we ask you to suggest one or more potential site(s).

We anticipate your community to be represented by at least your Paramount Chief of the Village, Assistant Chief, Chairman of the Village Council, Church Leader or Pastor, Women's Representative. We can discuss during the meeting(s).

If your community is interested, please send your answer, signed by your community’s representatives.

Once DoE receives your signed answer, DoE and its Consultant will review the proposed site(s): if your community is confirmed suitable for the project, we will also come and visit the site(s) to discuss with you their technical, environmental, social and economic aspects; we will assess their potential impacts and how the adverse impacts can be minimised.

This second stage is planned to happen in March/April 2020.

VREP II Mini-Grid – Who is doing what?

Goverment of Vanuatu
  • Administer funds to design & install mini-grid
  • Manage any grievances raised by the community and operator
  • Provide land for housing the mini-grid
  • Support in construction and operation of mini-grid
  • Pay electricity fees
  • Raise any grievances to DoE
Mini-Grid Operator
  • Install, operate and maintain mini-grid equipment
  • Collect electricity fees from community
  • Provide technical and financial reports to DoE

How to select a Mini-Grid site?

A good site for a solar photovoltaic array mini-grid system will be/have:

  1. Government-owned land (school, health facility)
  2. Minimum 600 m2
  3. Flat topography but not floodable
  4. Close to the village
  5. Easily accessible
  6. Sunny (not too shady)
  7. With no or little vegetation
  8. With no special tree(s)
  9. Not near eco-sensitive habitat such as mangroves
  10. Not close to sacred sites
  11. Not close to burial sites/ cemeteries
  12. Not close to water sources
  13. Not near existing electricity sources

Mini-Grid Cost

The PV mini-grid system will be paid for by the electricity it will produce and sell and by the VREP II Component II Project.

Electricity will be thus supplied at a subsidised tariff so that it is affordable to users while covering operational and maintenance expenses.

If you have any questions, please contact:

DoE’s representative:
[Name: Matthew Tasale ]
[Tel: +678 25201 / 33425]
[Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ]
Consultants’ representative:
[Name: Ernest Bani]
[Tel: +678 7747030]
[Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]

If you have any other concerns, a Grievance Redress Mechanism has been put in place and please do not hesitate to contact:

[Name: Antony Garae]
[Tel: +678 25201 / 33425]
[Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]