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MEPSL PAD: General Information


Effective as of 29th September 2017

The Government has made a lot of changes in its policies in order to reach its sustainable development goals. Similarly, Vanuatu has ratified the Paris agreements and now trying to mitigate climate change in the Energy sector. One of the most effective measures is using energy efficient electrical appliances, equipment’s and lighting products in order to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, save money and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. Hence, the Department of Energy with the technical assistance from the Pacific Community and funding from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) have developed the Energy Efficiency of Electrical Appliances, Equipment’s and Lighting Products Act No. 24 of 2016. It took over the past 3 years and last year the Act was successfully passed in Parliament and gazetted by the State Law.
( You can see a copy of the Act here , a copy of the Regulations here and a copy of the Ammendment of Registration Fees here . )

This means that all refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and lamps imported to Vanuatu now have to meet minimum energy performance standards (MEPS). Refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners also have to carry an energy label of this type (displaying any other type of energy label is illegal):

The Act and Regulations apply to private individuals as well as to appliance wholesalers and retailers and to businesses or government departments importing these products for use in their own buildings or businesses.

There were exemption and transition periods in the Act, but these have all passed. At the date of this notice (30th June 2018) all products must comply with the Act, or they can be seized before they clear customs. They can then be re-exported or destroyed at the importer’s expense. There are also penalties under the Act for retailers who do not display the correct label on products offered for sale.

Products must be registered with the Vanuatu Department of Energy to prove they have been tested correctly and comply with the MEPS. Models that have already been registered in Vanuatu are listed here .

Models that are already registered in an approved country (Australia, New Zealand or Fiji) can be easily registered in Vanuatu using Form A (which can be downloaded here ). You can find a list of products registered in Australia and New Zealand here and a list of products registered in Fiji here or you can contact the Vanuatu Regulator, who can check for you.

Models that are not already registered in an approved country under the same brand name and model number can be registered in Vanuatu using Form B (which can be downloaded here ) or products that are registered under a different brand name or model number, you will have to get a supporting letter from the manufacturer confirming that the products are identical in their energy performance even though they have different brand names and/or model numbers. For products that are not registered in any approved country, you will need to provide a test report from a reputable test laboratory. Contact the Regulator to check first.

Once you complete the forms, you should send them to the Regulator for approval. Once the Regulator approves, you will have to pay a fee (see here ) and then you will get a Certificate of Registration, which you can show Customs whenever you import products of the registered model. The Vanuatu registration validity will last for 3 years or as long as the model remains registered in an approved country (for Categories A).

If you have access to a computer, you can register your products directly on the Pacific Appliance Database (PAD) rather than send the forms to the Regulator. You will still have to pay the fee, and upload the receipt to the PAD before you can print your Certificate of Registration.

Importers wil need to show proof of registration even if the product has already been registered in Vanuatu by someone else. If the same brand and model has already been registered by someone else, the PAD will not let you register it again, so you will have to apply to the Regulator for a duplicate certificate, using Form A.

The steps outlined above are shown in this diagram:

Additionally you can also access our MEPSL Information Brochure here and our Regualtion Guidelines Brochure here .

For any queries:
Email: mepsladmin@vanuatu.gov.vu or alternatively contact the Department of Energy on (+678) 33425 or (+678) 25201.

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