The Vanuatu Government has secured funding from the World Bank and New Zealand Government to subsidize Solar Home Systems (SHS) and Micro Grids to provide electrification for Households, Public Institutions or Businesses located in dispersed off-grid areas of Vanuatu.

The Solar Home Systems and Micro-grids published in this Product Catalogue are eligible for subsidy through VREP II and meet the product and installations specifications referred to in the VREP Subsidy Implementation Manual (SIM). The catalogue lists the specifications, supplier and price for each system that is eligible for subsidy.

Subsidy for SHS and Micro grids will be provided at one-third of the total costs of the approved systems (including installation and freight to wharf at your provincial center). All systems approved are high quality systems which their key components have met requirements stipulated by DoE. All systems components come with a minimum of 2 years warranty.

To purchase a system eligible for the subsidy, simply choose the system suitable for your needs and budget. We encourage you to shop around and check all the options and companies in the catalogue! Once you’re happy and you’ve chosen your system, you will only have to pay 66.6% of the normal price! The approved vendor then invoices Department of Energy for the remaining 33.3% on behalf of the Customer.