The retail price for benzine is going up by 9VT/L on 7th September 2022.

The price will go from 235vt/l to 244 VT/L. The price is driven by global oil prices. The benzine stocks receipted in the month of July is now available for distribution and reflects the refinery price. The refinery benchmark of MOPS price for June/July has peaked during that period and this is reflected in the retail price in Vanuatu (Figure 1).

Figures 2 shows the movement in the retail prices of benzine and mazut in Vanuatu in 2022. There is likely to be drops in the coming months if the conditions in the global oil market become more favourable for the international refined fuel prices. Vanuatu’s refined fuels are imported and distributed mainly by the Pacific Energy (SSP-Vanuatu).

Mazut retail price remains at 253 VT/L and will see a drop around the end of September, 2022. The Dept. of Energy will inform the public and end-users of this.

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