The Goverment and the Societe de Service Petroliers (SSP) has agreed, in what is understood to be a first for the Ministry of Climate Change (MoCC) and the SSP, to working together in a structured framework to enhance their good working relationship in knowledge and infromation sharing for the Petroleum Sector.

The Vanuatu Rural Electrification Project (VERP) launched in 2016 to address the high demand of lighting and phone charging in rural communities is now extended to urban areas.

Pacific Petroleum Company, the sole petroleum importer in Vanuatu,launched its first fuel service station outside the main urban areas at Litzlitz on Malekula on Saturday.

When Tannese want to celebrate their achievement, they mean business which explains why at 1.30pm yesterday, Louanatom Villagers on the road to White Grass Airport were still dancing to a live band to celebrate the first fuel station to open on Tanna in their village, followed by two more at Lenakel.